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July 2012

Rising to the Challenge


Their reputation as one of the finest bakeries in New Zealand is built on their ability to produce consistent, premium quality pastries and bread products. The innovative and demanding owner of Paneton Bakery, Dominique Colombie, recently installed the Irinox Bakery Day System from SKOPE. Only one of a dozen of its size installed worldwide, it has transformed their baking capacity while maintaing their high quality standards.

Dominique, his wife Celia and their daughter Madeleine are the proud owners of Paneton Bakery in Auckland. With their bakery operating 24 hours a day and demand for supply of their frozen croissants increasing, Madeleine says, “The Irinox Bakery Day System enables us to produce each and every product to our exacting requirements, no matter how many pastries we are producing on a given day, which can vary greatly depending on the season and time of the year. It enables us to increase our production to far greater levels, whilst maintaining the high quality of our products, at peak times of the year, such as Christmas.”

The Irinox Bakery Day System allows bakers to use less yeast in their products and no artificial additives, as the system ensures the product is at the correct temperature to rise. Whilst the system was originally developed for bread, Dominique and his team have found it equally efficient for pastry products. Developed to proof yeast products under cold fermentation, increase the flavour profile and reduce certain additives, the system is perfect for croissants’ and danishes’ as heat affects high butter content products.

“The Irinox Bakery Day System allows proofing (bringing the product to temperature) and has increased our bake off time by three times over conventional proofing. It ensures croissants, and other products, hold their temperature and shape before they are shock frozen,” explains Dominique.

Before installing the Irinox Bakery Day System, staff had to reform products each time a cycle was completed, which involved double handling in the bakery’s preparation area. After three days initial training from an Irinox specialist, followed by two further days once the system was in use, all staff, including management were using the system effectively and efficiently, with consistency achieved throughout their products, no matter who is in charge of their production.

At Paneton Bakery, Dominque says the Irinox Bakery Day System has enabled the family business to consistently achieve their daily passion for producing amazing pastries. “Our products allow people to enjoy a little taste of France in the form of pastries and the Irinox Bakery Day System fulfils all our bakery’s requirements and expectations. It will also enable Paneton to grow, without having considerable expense further down the track.”

Learn more about the Irinox Bakery Day System.

For for further information, contact your local sales representative today.



Greater performance. Increased savings

vf1000-low-res home page

SKOPE’s VF series of energy efficient, premium freezers is designed to deliver greater performance, efficiency and reliability than ever before. The newest additions, the VF1000 two door freezer being released at the end of July, and the VF1500 three door freezer, due for release in late October, are up to 37.5% more efficient* than the previous TMEF models.

The stabilised temperature display minimises fluctuations from door openings, accurately displaying the product temperature while the EC fan motor significantly reduces the system’s heat load, resulting in greater reliability, energy efficiencies and a quieter operation.

Its large internal volume and shelf space maximises its footprint, and the improved airflow design and reduced operating temperatures, minimises energy costs. LED lighting is standard.

VF1000 (white) RRP: AU$6,950 + GST
VF1000 (stainless steel) RRP: AU$8,250 + GST
Optional lit sign panel (up charge): AU$410 + GST

View the specification sheet here.

For further information, contact your local sales representative.

*Calculations are based on 25c per kwh electricity costs, equating to savings of $1,425 annually.



Two new reliable products at great prices


SKOPE is extending its popular Centaur series in July with the addition of two new products, the new six drawer and single door under counter units.

Manufactured in response to market demand with heavy-duty construction and food service grade 304 stainless steel, they are designed specifically for the demands of busy kitchens, cafes, restaurants and pizza establishments.

Able to store both food and milk products, their operating temperatures are adjustable from 2°C – 4°C degrees in 35°C ambient. With stainless steel benchtops, heated mullions, keylocks for the drawers, fully coved stainless steel interiors for easy cleaning and lockable swing castors (feet also included) for simple installation, positioning and relocation, these cabinets are already in hot demand.

BC070CB 1 Door Under Counter Chiller: RRP AU$2,845 + GST
BC180CS 6 Drawer Under Counter Chiller: RRP AU$6,070 + GST

For for further information, contact your local sales representative today.



Versatile and energy efficient

b600-2 no sign

The B series will have a new cabinet added to the range in late July.

The new B600-2 complements the existing two door B1200-2 chiller and uses Fuzzy Logic, an innovative self-learning electronic controller that gathers and automatically updates data of store closing times and quiet periods, ensuring optimal energy efficiency at all times.

The B600-2 minimises energy consumption with LED Lights and self closing doors with double glazed, double Low-E, argon filled toughened safety glass. Its high efficiency, high speed EC condenser fan motor has a reverse function to reduce condenser cleaning frequency and a full removable electronically controlled cassette for easy servicing and transportation. Lockable swivel castors ensure easy installation, positioning and relocation.

B600-2 White Non-Sign AU$2,880 or AU$3,055 with an optional illuminated sign panel.

View the specification sheet here.

For further information, contact your local sales representative today.



Farewell to Dave Hale

dave hale

Following 24 years at SKOPE, Dave Hale is leaving his full time position as Regional Sales Manager – NSW, to spend time with his family and pursue personal interests.

When Dave looks back on his career with SKOPE, he says that the company has played a major role in his life and given him many opportunities. “I’ve been pleased to be part of SKOPE as it has grown over the years. It’s many successes, from the development of the Cyclone system to the installation of the Flexible Manufacturing System, the first of it’s kind in Australasia and the introduction of a two year warranty have been significant in the industry. SKOPE’s commitment to their staff, their customers and to research and development, are just a few of the reasons I have stayed with the company and it will be the closing of a very enjoyable chapter in my life when I leave in August.”

SKOPE National Sales Manager Brady Wiseman says Dave has been an extremely valuable member of the team. “His knowledge and breadth of experience in the industry have made a significant contribution to SKOPE’s success in Australia.”

“We are fortunate that on his return from travelling, Dave has agreed to re-join the company in a part-time role assisting with the transition of the new Regional Sales Manager. We know his customers and the SKOPE team will join us in thanking him for his 24 years service with SKOPE and we wish Dave all the best for the future and look forward to his return.”



Tech Tips - Preventative Maintenance

condenser coil clean

Failing to keep up with preventative maintenance could shorten the life of your customer’s cabinet and cause increased downtime as the cabinet has to work harder to keep the temperature down.

Reminding your customer to maximise the performance of their chillers and freezers by making time to do a little preventative maintenance will benefit them in the long-term. Simple things, like not cleaning the door seals could cause them to not seal correctly and result in increased power consumption. Wiping the door seals down weekly with warm soapy water can stop the seals from tearing.

Always remember to disconnect the cabinet from the power supply before performing any cleaning. Do not hose down any area of a refrigerator. and avoid getting any electrics wet.

Customers should inspect their cabinet weekly and clean as required by:

  • Emptying the product out of the cabinet;
  • Washing both the interior and exterior of the cabinet with warm soapy water. Do not use abrasive cleaners;
  • Washing away the soap residue; and
  • Cleaning the door gaskets with warm soapy water. Do not use a sharp knife to scrape or clean the door gaskets. If the door seal gaskets aren’t sealing, call SKOPE to arrange a replacement.

The majority of service calls are due to dirty condensers. Dirty condensers could lead to an increase in temperature and power consumption and in some cases failure of the compressor and other components.

  • Clean the condenser coil once a month or as conditions demand by using a vacuum or a stiff brush.
  • Clean the condensate tray by wiping out any grime or dust that has accumulated in the tray.
  • Check the condition of the power supply cord.
  • If your cabinet has a factory fitted filter clean as required.
  • Reconnect to the power supply and turn the cabinet on.

SKOPE recommends refrigeration cabinets are checked and cleaned by a service professional once every six months. For more information on cleaning, service and maintenance for SKOPE cabinets, please refer to the product’s service manual or phone 1800 121 535.




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