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Integral & Remote




Q. Can I have a combined cool room and freezer room?

A. Yes, which is unique to MISA products, which can have 2 way, 3 way or 4 way edges to combine multiple rooms.


Q, What makes the MISA system more efficient than its competitors?

A. It is 40% more energy efficient, uses fire retardant foam and is quick and easy to install.


Q. Do the rooms have any certification?

A. Yes, ISO 9001 certified, CE and UL.


Q. Is there a coving with the system for food service?

A. Yes, it forms part of the edge and is therefore completely vertical and horizontal.  For the U channel, it is coved both sides for no floors.


Q. What is the warranty term and what does it cover?

A. The warranty term is for two years parts and labour.  It covers units and components and door hinges and fittings.  Panel damaged after supply is not covered, nor are gaskets or wear and tear caused by mishandling.


Q. What are the electrical requirements and how far from the room do the electrics need to be?

A. Within 1.2m of the room for Free Blocks and at the remote condenser for remotes.


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Q. What are the dimensions of MISA cool rooms and freezer rooms?


  • In total, there are 192 room size possibilities, making the products flexible to suit most dimension requirements.   
  • Panels are standard dimensions – 0.4m, 0.8m, 1.2m wide and .4m 1.2m, 1.6m, 2m, 2.4m, 2.8m, 3.2m long.
  • The thickness of the panel is 100mm polyurethane (equals 165mm EPS).
  • In terms of the largest room possible, the MISA KLC goes to a maximum size of 8630mm x 8630mm x 3430, which is the maximum external height
  • The maximum internal height is 3230mm.
  • The smallest room possible is 1430mm x 1430mm x 2230mm in height.


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      Q. What types of flooring do MISA cool and freezer rooms require?


      • Floors must be level.
      • They can be constructed onto existing floors that are either concrete or wood substrate, using a MISA U channel system fixed to the existing floor.
      • Cool rooms must always be on ground floor to prevent heat transfer.
      • Floors can be sunken 100mm to be level with the room.


      Q. Is it necessary to insulate concrete floors in freezer rooms?

      A. Yes


      Q. Can the floors handle roll in trolleys?

      A. Yes, KLC floors are capable of carrying a 250kg roll in trolley.


      Q. Do floors come in other specifications and finishes?

      A. Yes, there are various finishes for floors.

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      Q. Why is your panel better than others?

      A. The panel is environmentally fire retardant self-extinguishing polyurethane and holds no moisture, rather than EPS, which does not have these qualities.


      Q. Do panels come in other specifications and finishes?

      A. Stainless steel panels are available to order.


      Q. Can the standard panel system be used for embedded floor systems?

      A. Yes, the MISA KLC and MISA BETA panel systems can be.


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       Q. Are there both left and right hand options for doors?

      A. Doors can be supplied as right hand or left hand hinged.
      Door sliders can be left or right sliding.


      Q. Do the hinged doors come in various sizes?

      A. Yes, 600mm, 800mm and 1m.  If required, we can supply double hinged doors, hospital doors and office doors to order.


      Q. Is it possible to have glass door inserts?

      A. Yes, MISA SELF systems are available to order and have 2, 3 and 4 glass door inserts.


      Q. Do doors have locks and do they have an internal safety release door handle?

      A. Locks are fitted as standard key locks for hinged doors.  They are not standard on sliding doors, however, an installer could supply as an extra charge.
      As standard, all hinged doors have safety release and illuminated internal handle.


      Q. Is there a bell fitted to the door to meet Australian standards?

      A. Yes, as standard supplied by the installer.


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      Q. Do you have gravity fed shelving?

      A. Yes, shelving systems for SELF are available on request and by order for drinks and display.


      Q. What depth options and how many tiers of shelving are available?

      A. Depth options are 400mm or 450mm and we have three and four tier shelving systems.

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      Q. What is the highest ambient operating temperature of the units?

      A. 43C - they perform well in tropical environments.


      Q. What is the lowest possible temperature possible for the cool rooms, and for the freezer rooms?

      A. With MISA Free Blocks and remotes to -2C in relation to the cool rooms and for freezer rooms it is -21C for MISA Free Blocks and -25C for Remote MEN.

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      Integral and Remote 

      Q. Does SKOPE have refrigeration systems for a room’s integral and remote?

      A. Yes, MISA Free Block provides fast connect integral and various MISA remote options.


      Q. In terms of the pipe run, how far can this be with your remotes?

      A. For the MSG and MS SPLIT a maximum of 10m, however, for the MISAERM and MEP systems up to 30m.

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