Bennelong Restuarant

Sydney Opera House



The latest creation by Executive Chef Peter Gilmore, Bennelong, is the newest addition to the Sydney Opera House. Bennelong showcases the diversity of Australian cuisine, within the shell of one of Australia's most iconic buildings. With a blank canvas to work from, the possibilities for Gilmore were endless. When designing the new restaurant, the main challenge was to create a kitchen that provides a functional layout, with a smooth flow, while combining organised systems that integrate into the extraordinary architecture of the Sydney Opera House.

The SKOPE Solution

The kitchen fit out needed to match the high-end theme of the restaurant design, whilst maintaining logical functionality and housing high quality equipment. One feature that Gilmore was adamant the kitchen required was cabinets with drawers and Gastro-norm trays. SKOPE Pegasus cabinets with drawers presented the perfect solution; while also providing quality and reliability, the aesthetic was a perfect match for the restaurant's style. The Bar has been fitted with SKOPE backbars, providing a sophisticated finish and perfect merchandising of the select Australian wines.