Harry & Frankie


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Part wine shop, part wine bar Harry & Frankie celebrates wine and the great people who enjoy it in an inclusive, unpretentious way. With a 600+ wine listing that highlights small family owned producers from Australia's backyard and around the world. The owners wanted to create a space where you can wander in and get up close and personal with the bottles and choose your own wine adventure.

The SKOPE Solution

The owners of Harry & Frankie realised early on that not only is it important to source the right wines and local produce but also to use a trusted brand of refrigeration, to make sure their products are stored at correct temperatures while looking good and making sure produce remains fresh until consumption. The B Series was used as these chillers offer ample merchandising to maximise facings and storage of the wines, beer & cider while also offering reliability and energy efficiency. The kitchen is fitted with the Centaur Series providing plenty of storage space and quality to make sure produce remains fresh..