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Cool News
March 2012 

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2012, "Cool News".

brady wiseman


Cool News will cover a range of topics from the latest trends to tech tips and interviews with some of Australia’s leading designers, restaurateurs, foodies and chefs.

Our customers have always been our top priority and in 2012, we hope to make this commitment stronger than ever before. I lead a fantastic team of great guys who understand both food and kitchen design principles, and who are as keen as I am to become an integrated partner in helping your business grow and succeed.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with what’s happening in Food Services.

Brady Wiseman

National Sales Manager, Food Services – Australia




We'll be there, will you?



Fine Foods Queensland
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Sunday 11 – Tuesday 13 March

It’s been a hard twelve months for Queenslanders but the food community is coming out in force for Fine Foods Queensland, the state’s largest catering and hospitality exhibition. Held every two years and featuring innovative products and services across the hospitality and food service industries, it’s the place to go to keep up with recent developments and promising trends.

SKOPE will be showcasing the latest developments from Europe at the exhibition, with the introduction of its range of MISA Modular Cool Rooms and Irinox Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers. In fact, we are so pleased with our MISA range, we have appointed Ian Bressow, as the new MISA Product Manager. Think smart Italian design with a simple modular system construction and you have a product developed specifically for cool rooms, freezer rooms or a combination of both. Ian will be at our stand to introduce you to our new Italian range of modular, polyurethane rooms.

Famed for their reliability in the kitchen, Irinox has recently released a holding cabinet that punches above its weight by running both positive and negative temperatures. The NICE cabinet may have compact dimensions but it has plenty of internal space for the demanding chef and is a great sidekick to our already outstanding Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers. It’s the attention to detail we know you will like about this new cabinet. To find out more about how our Irinox range can help improve production efficiency while keeping your costs down, speak to one of our team on the stand.

This year on our stand we are releasing our new two door bottom mount chiller, the B1200-2. A chiller that’s designed to minimise energy consumption and operate at maximum energy efficiency. The ‘fuzzy logic’ technology will save operators money as the chiller learns to operate with optimal energy efficiency during quiet periods and closing times. Automatically gathering the data, it takes control of it’s own energy requirements, reducing costs while keeping products cold. We know it’s the way of the future. We will be interested to hear what you think.

SKOPE will be at Stand E24 in the Catering Equipment section, next to the Seminar Theatre. As Fine Food Queensland is strictly trade only show, members of the foodservice and hospitality industries can register to attend the show for free by clicking here. The exhibition is a great source of inspiration and an opportunity to network and communicate with foodservice and hospitality professionals to enhance and leverage their businesses in our local market.

As many of our sales team members are former chefs themselves with a unique understanding of this highly specialised area, they are well placed to help foodies, chefs and others shape the future of their business with the latest European designs. We look forward to seeing you there.


A classic weekend

The SKOPE Classic, held on the first weekend in February and widely regarded as one of New Zealand’s premier race meetings, was sponsored by SKOPE for the tenth year running.

SKOPE’s Managing Director, Guy Stewart, said the event was as much an emotional sponsorship as a commercial one as everyone who attends, enjoys the occasion for what it is, “a relaxing celebration of classic and historic racing with a strong family focus.”

This year, a record crowd of families, car enthusiasts and around 120 volunteers, also helped to celebrate the Classic’s 21st anniversary at the Powerbuilt Tools Ruapuna Raceway in Christchurch. The country’s largest motorsport event of its type welcomed drivers and spectators from as far away as the UK, the USA and Canada, as more than 250 vintage, classic and historic cars raced on the 3.3km circuit. In 2012, the infamous NZ specials were on show. The cars were built soon after WWII when money was short and red tape long, when it was a time for Kiwi ingenuity at its best. Those on display over the weekend included one car built by Ralph Watson and powered by a 4.7 litre Lycoming aircraft engine. The SKOPE Classic also featured the formula 5000’s, historic touring cars and the very best in classic saloons among others.

skope classic 2012

SKOPE was pleased to welcome food service Australian customers to Christchurch this year for an action packed weekend. First at Terrace Downs, one of New Zealand’s leading golf resorts, where guests spent a fun day competing at golf, claybird shooting and archery. The following day was spent at the SKOPE Classic watching the drivers battle it out for domination as they raced the circuit. Our guests included Joel Borg of AC & R, Neil Willis of Sydney Commercial Kitchens, Tony McCarthy of Delta Hospitality, Brett Nicholson of Hospitality Superstore, Peter Santiago and Mark Bovezza of Advantage Commercial Kitchens, and Rance Derich and David Beaton of Hisco. Also welcomed as guests, were William Hill and Craig O’Brien, both of Tasmanian Hotel and Catering Supplies, winners of the SKOPE Dealer promotion held in November last year.

The spectators’ enthusiasm was well matched by the roar of the cars as they raced past the SKOPE marquee, where guests mingled with SKOPE staff and their families over a relaxing barbeque lunch. They were joined between races by SKOPE’s founder Robert Stewart (driving Jaguar C-Type), Managing Director Guy Stewart (driving Porsche GT2), brother Marcus Stewart (driving Porsche IROC) and Alexandra Stewart’s husband, Richard McGowan (driving Alfa Romeo Giulia.)

You can view the car racing on SKOPE’s YouTube channel.


Taking advantage of a clever Italian

cella klm low res


A new product to hit Australian shores is the Italian MISA range of modular polyurethane cool and freezer rooms and we are proud to be the sole distributor.

MISA, like SKOPE, has consistently implemented the latest technologies to benefit their customers. Established in 1969, MISA conquered the Italian market and many foreign markets by creating an environmentally friendly, advanced and reliable modular room system. Designed specifically for cool or freezer rooms, production rooms, and processing plants both commercial and industrial.

The polyurethane room panels repel moisture, retaining their thermal capacity and the superior finish, both inside and out, means the rooms are as hard wearing and as hard working as your business. Then MISA teamed them with a heavy duty floor, covered it with an anti-slip coating and built them to take it tough, with a static load durability of 4000kg per square metre and capable of taking a 250kg roll-in trolley.

You could be forgiven for thinking they were built with Australia in mind, as they’re no stranger to high ambient temperatures and can be fitted with a tropical 43 degree celsius ambient rated, MISA Freeblock condensing unit. If anything happens to the unit, it can be easily replaced because it’s also a modular component. The MISA 100mm panels are up to 50% more efficient when compared to 75mm and 80mm EPS panel systems currently in the market.

Did we mention, they can also squeeze into tight spaces or expand to suit larger projects in the mining, cold store and supermarket sectors with an easy flexibility and a quick assembly? Our MISA rooms can be built from the inside out and placed up against existing internal walls, ensuring they are custom made for your business.

They can be reduced, or removed and reused on another site, making them the perfect partner for any situation. Customised with windows, strip curtains, glass door inserts, sliding or french doors, it’s their modular ability to continue to grow with your business, that’s one of their strongest attractions.

You can depend on us to provide modular rooms that are safe. Staff will never get locked in because there’s an internal safety release, illuminated handles and a safety alarm bell, fitted as standard. Made from high density MSV patented polyurethane panels using a non-absorbent self-extinguishing foam the rooms are also fire safe. With statistics showing there’s a fire incident every three weeks in Australasia for rooms using a different type of panel (polystyrene or EPS panel), we’re confident you’ll sleep better when using MISA.

The next time you feel like taking advantage of a clever Italian, call SKOPE Refrigeration on 1800 121 535.


Working smarter for a cleaner future



This year, Australia introduces a carbon pricing mechanism as the first step towards a clean energy future, encouraging the reduction of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

While there won’t be any reporting or compliance obligations on small businesses under the carbon pricing mechanism and they won’t be required to pay a carbon price, it’s expected there will be some indirect cost impacts to them, such as higher electricity bills.

Recognising that small business operators make an important contribution to Australia’ economic activity and their need to stay competitive under a carbon price, the Australian Government is delivering new measures to help them improve their energy efficiency and lower costs. One of the measures is to increase the small business instant asset write-off threshold for depreciable assets from the 2012-13 income year. Applying to businesses with an aggregated turnover of less than $2 million annually, this will increase their cash flow and help them to grow and invest in new, cleaner, energy-efficient equipment.

Businesses considering purchasing commercial refrigeration, can play their part in improving their energy efficiency and lowering their costs by checking out the Australian Government’s minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). These measures are expected to deliver estimated energy savings of 32,000 gigawatt hours per year by 2020, or more than 14 per cent of all the electricity generated in Australia.

SKOPE’s long held commitment to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and to reducing our carbon footprint, means we’ve always kept pace with the latest technological advances. Investing back into research and development and building relationships with global companies, has resulted in SKOPE producing some of the world’s greenest, low energy refrigeration products through innovative solutions.

SKOPE refrigeration products perform to and in the case of many of our products, above MEP standards. Ensuring lower power bills and environmental peace of mind for our customers, SKOPE is proud to say, we have been helping our customers play their part in reducing their energy use and greenhouse gases.

Australian small businesses account for 96% of all businesses and provide 47% of the nation’s jobs, the small actions and simple improvements taken by each, will mean a cleaner future for all Australians. To find the most energy efficient product to suit your needs and compare the full range of models, go to the Government’s E3 website to help you make a decision on what’s right for your business and for Australia.

If you’d like to know more about SKOPE’s energy efficient refrigeration products and how we can help your business, call us on 1800 121 535.



Do you have any questions for us? Each newsletter we’ll feature the answers to readers’ questions about our Food Service products. If you have a question for Dr. SKOPE, you can submit it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Tech Talk


Did you know that all refrigerated display cabinets manufactured in or imported into Australia must comply with Minimum Energy Performance (MEPS) requirements?

The Australian Government’s energy rating site, lists a range of commerical refrigeration cabinets and allows for direct comparisons between them. If you can’t find the cabinet you’re looking for, then it may not comply with MEPS mandatory requirements. It may use too much power, or it might not maintain correct product temperatures.

Our refrigeration products perform to and in the case of many of our products, above MEP standards. For our customers this means using less energy to deliver the same performance, saving on running costs over the entire life of the product. When choosing refrigeration, check out the energy rating site  to compare models and look for the MEPS ‘High Energy Efficiency’ tick on our products.


Fuzzy Logic

Did you know, we use fuzzy logic in the B1200?

The B1200’s advanced, self-learning electronic controller detects traffic flow and door openings every half hour, remembering peak and low traffic times and variable business hours to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

After the initial start up, the controller remains in active mode for the first 72 hours. The first 48 hours establishes the density of shopper traffic and the following 24 hours establishes the opening and closing patterns of the business. It then repeats the pattern for the next six days and verifies it the following week. After that, it implements what it has learnt and continues to review the data and adjusts to any changes.

The end result, is a cabinet that switches to active mode two hours before opening and changes to stand-by mode (when the temperature inside the chiller is moderated and the cabinet lights turned off) at the close of business.

You can find out more about the B1200 here.