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May 2012 

A new range. A higher specification.skope-vf-range

Our design team has been busy developing a new range of premium, energy efficient freezers for the foodservice market, designed to suit the harshest conditions. Even in 40 degree heat, our improved airflow design and the use of EC fan motors reduces the system’s heat load. Testing of the new VF650 revealed it’s 35% more efficient than its predecessor, the TMEF650.

Reliable and dependable, the range is much quieter than previous models and continues SKOPE’s commitment to energy efficiency. The larger internal volume and shelf space won’t take up more room, as the footprint can be minimised if the cabinets are placed against a wall. Team that with a simple plug in, 10Amp power supply and an easily located condenser coil at the front of the cabinet for stress-free cleaning and years of reliable service.

The new energy efficient VF range combines the best elements from the TMEF and SKF ranges with additional improvements. Switchable LED lighting comes as standard, as does the electronic controller with digital temperature display, fitted door switch and an alarm that will sound if the doors are left open or haven’t been closed properly.

In the coming months, the VF Freezer range will be rolling off the production line with four new models: the VF650, VF1000, VF1300 and the VF1500. These models will replace the current TMEF and SKF Freezer models: TMEF650, TMEF1000, TMEF1500, SKF650, SKF1000 and the SKF1300. The VF650 and VF1000 models are being released first, followed by the VF1300 and VF1500 models later this year.

You can view the VF650 on our website and download its specification sheet. The RRP of the VF650 one door Freezer is AU$5,950 for the white model and AU$6,750 for the stainless steel. It also comes with an optional lit sign panel for an upcharge of $350.

SKOPE is excited to release our new range of high performing freezers and look forward to rolling out the other models in the coming months.



It's the attention to detailbrandon_internal

SKOPE continuously looks at how they can help dealers generate new business, and one of the ways is by maximising SKOPE’s brand presence in showrooms.

Lighting, signage and product display should all have one purpose, to appeal to the customer who just walked in the door. A simple visual element such as a colour display wall with a range of energy efficient cabinets backed up by SKOPE’s sales support material can create an opportunity for dealers to boost sales and product awareness.

In the middle of last year, SKOPE worked with Brandon Industries in Melbourne as they were preparing their new 420 square metre showroom for the public. Working together to maximise SKOPE’s brand presence and ensure that the visual merchandising met the high standards of both companies, a six metre long wall with graphics and featuring SKOPE Foodservice refrigeration products was designed and put in place for the opening in November.

Step inside Brandon Industries new showroom today and you will soon see why their attention to detail, is what has helped to make them a successful supplier of foodservice and hospitality products nationwide.

Brandon Industries Sales Manager and part owner, Leif Mikkelsen, says the partnership between Brandon and SKOPE has been beneficial for both companies and the feedback from customers has been extremely positive. “The SKOPE wall looks magnificent. It’s been 100%, a great investment. The wall draws people down to the area and has a very welcoming and ambient feel. The customers also appreciate the quality of the refrigeration SKOPE has put on display and we appreciate the back up and service offered by SKOPE.”

Alexandra Stewart, SKOPE’s Creative Director, says the result is the outcome of the excellent and supportive relationship that SKOPE and Brandon Industries have with each other. “We were very pleased to partner with Brandon Industries and to tailor a concept specific to their showroom. It has been a fantastic result for both companies.”

If you would like to find out more about maximising SKOPE’s presence in your showroom and generating new business, contact your local Regional Sales Manager today to discuss your requirements. SKOPE has a range of marketing support materials available and may also be able to design a concept suited for a specific showroom layout.



ARBS Tradeshowarbs_2012

The ARBS (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services) Trade Exhibition is on at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 7th to the 9th of May and SKOPE will be exhibiting.

Join MISA Product Manager, Ian Bressow, on Stand 31 to learn about the benefits of the MISA range which has been developed specifically for cool rooms, freezer rooms, combination cool and freezer rooms, production rooms, and processing plants. MISA can be supplied to suit any modular size requirement and has a quick and simple, modular assembly.

All orders placed at the ARBS Tradeshow will also receive a SKOPE HB80 countertop bar chiller.

Entry to the ARBS exhibition is free, the show is on Monday 7 May (10am – 6pm), Tuesday 8 May (10am – 6pm) and Wednesday 9 May (9am – 4pm). You can pre-register online at to save time at the door. We look forward to seeing you there.



Breaking down the jargon (MEPS)

The Australian Government’s energy rating site, is the ‘go to’ source when you want a direct comparison of the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) of varying commercial refrigerated cabinets in the market today. At first glance, the comparison data can look a little daunting as the information includes the brand and model, whether it meets the high efficiency level, the cabinet classification and its efficiency figure.

MEPS has two levels of compliance: minimum and high efficiency levels. Each cabinet type has a specified limit at which it is deemed to comply. This limit is the efficiency level and is not a true consumption figure but a calculated one.

High efficiency cabinets use less power than the minimum efficiency cabinets per day per m² of the total display area (visible product in the cabinet). The high efficiency level will either be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. ’Yes’, means the cabinet complies with the specific limits set out in the standard for that type, ‘no’ means it meets only the minimum efficiency levels.

The “cabinet classification” consists of two parts: the Climate Class and the Product Class:

Climate Class Test environment                                  
3 24°C ambient up to 60% relative humidity
4 30°C ambient up to 55% relative humidity
5 40°C ambient up to 40% relative humidity

When looking at the Climate Class, it is important to factor in the relative humidity figure when understanding how well a cabinet performs, and while Climate Class 5 is listed, it should be remembered that 40°C and 40% RH are uncommon conditions although the tested cabinet will operate in those conditions.

Product Class Product temperature range
M1 -1°C to +5°C
M2 -1°C to +7°C
L1 -21°C to -15°C
L2 -21°C to -12°C

A cabinet classification example of 3M1 would mean the cabinet was tested at Climate Class 3 (25°C – 60%RH) and complies with the Product Class M1 (product remains between -1°C and +5°C for duration of the test).

“Efficiency” is shown in kWhr/24hr/m² or kilowatt hours per 24 hours per m² of total display area. The efficiency is a ratio of the cabinet’s Total Energy Consumption (TEC) divided by the Total Display Area (TDA).
 It is not the actual energy used in a day. TEC is the actual amount of energy consumed by the cabinet per 24 hours and is given in kilowatt-hours per 24 hours (kWhr/24hr). TDA is the visible product display area of the cabinet and is given in square metres (m²).

To find out what the cabinet will consume each day, divide the Efficiency Number by the Total Display Area (TDA is shown on the compare products comprehensive detail page).

Below we will compare three cabinets with the same efficiency figure and all tested at the same climate class of 25°C ambient in 60% RH.

Brand A    Brand B   Brand C   
High efficiency Yes Yes No
Cabinet classification 3M1 3M2 3M1
Efficiency 7.75 7.75 7.75
Total Display Area (m²) 1.10 0.85 0.70
Actual power consumption (kWhr) 7.045 9.117 11.071

Brand A uses the least amount of power, has the largest product display area, meets high efficiency standards and will retain all product below 5°C.

Brand B uses more power per day and meets high efficiency standards but it is unsuitable for perishable product types as it maintains some of it products above the 5°C limit.

Brand C has the same efficiency figure but doesn’t meet the high efficiency level as it consumes too much power for the amount of product on display.

In the case of commercial refrigeration manufactured in or imported into Australia and New Zealand, all cabinets are tested to the same standard and must be compliant with AS 1731.14-2003, which specifies the mandatory requirements. If you are looking for a specific cabinet and it doesn’t appear on the website, then it may not comply for various reasons. For example, it may use too much power or it doesn’t maintain correct product temperatures.

SKOPE’s refrigeration products perform to and in the case of many of our products above MEP standards. For our customers, this means using less energy to deliver the same performance and saves on running costs over the entire life of the product.

When choosing refrigeration, check out the energy rating site to compare models and look for the MEPS ‘High Energy Efficiency’ tick on our products.


Five tradeshows, 54,000 attendeesfood asia

The biennial 18th Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) Expo held in April at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre, opened with a record 2,800 exhibitors from 71 countries and regions, showcasing the largest display of food and beverages, hospitality products and services from around the world.

The FHA combines five specialised tradeshows: Food Asia, Bakery and Pastry, Hotel Asia, Hospitality Style Asia and Hospitality Technology under 61 group pavilions and over 54,000 trade attendees from 90 countries and regions arrived at the one-stop sourcing and business networking event. This year Brady Wiseman, SKOPE’s National Sales Manager, Food Services – Australia, was one of those 54,000 attendees.

Insights on FHA expo from Brady Wiseman

This exhibition provided a unique marketing platform for foodservice equipment and supplies. It featured a comprehensive exhibit of innovative products and services ranging from food preparation and processing, Hotels Restaurant and Bars, Bakery through to housekeeping products.

Once again it was interesting to see the focus by many manufacturers on “Front of house” (FOH), with many projects today that have higher budgets allocated to FOH and the trend of kitchens becoming the focal point in modern restaurant designs where the kitchen blends seamlessly into the restaurant space. I noticed the attention to detail by customising standard refrigeration cabinets to blend in with the style of furnishings in a restaurant and bar situation. It is reassuring that SKOPE is in line with these latest trends; I am proud of what we have achieved to date and the plans we have in the future with our customised offerings.

It was also evident to stay in step with new markets, attention to Carbon Footprint with low energy usage is essential. The verdict is still out on many of the various choices available. It is important to understand that, over the life of a refrigerator, the energy consumed to run it has ten times the impact on the environment than the actual refrigerant gas in its system. This makes low energy usage and the development of leak proof systems the key at this point in time.

Because of its location FHA has become the preferred event for foodservice professionals to source, network and communicate for better ideas and opportunities in enhancing and leveraging their businesses in our local and global market. From what I saw it seemed to be equally represented by European, American and Australasian manufacturers.

Overall I took a lot away with me; now I am up to date with the direction the market is taking, saw some great ideas, confirmed that at SKOPE we are on track with the latest trends internationally and made some great contacts. 



Q: What‘s the best way to get in contact with SKOPE? Sometimes I’m not sure which person or department is the right one to contact.

A: The following emails and contact numbers should connect you with the right people depending on your query.

Customer Services: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For all order enquiries including product availability.

Sales Coordinators: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For all quotes and sales enquiries including requests to see a sales representative.

Warranty: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For all enquiries/requests for repairs of goods under warranty.

Spares: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For all enquiries on spare parts orders, pricing and/or availability.

Accounts Receivable: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For any queries from invoices/statements.

Customs: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For any information about our customised options.

MISA and Irinox: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For all enquiries about MISA and Irinox.

General Enquiries: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Freephone: 1800 121 535 

Do you have any questions for us?

Each newsletter we’ll feature the answers to readers’ questions about our Food Service products. If you have a question for Dr. SKOPE, you can submit it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Tech Talk

Glass isn’t just glass where SKOPE is concerned

SKOPE offers a selection of choices when it comes to the glass you can choose for your refrigeration cabinets. From safety glass through to the triple glazed heated safety glass used on our freezer cabinets, there is a range of options. One of these is the double low/e argon glass, providing more insulation than the low/e glass and superior to the standard safety glass used on SKOPE chillers.

The double low/e argon glass consists of two panes of glass coated with a clear metal oxide film and filled with the colourless and odourless argon gas to increase the door’s thermal performance by minimising heat transfer. The coating absorbs and reflects infrared heat energy, like that emitted from lighting and the argon gas displaces air containing moisture. It works particularly well in the high ambient temperatures of Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The next time, you want to increase a cabinet’s thermal properties while lowering your energy consumption, specify double low/e argon glass for a minimal upcharge.